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If you have questions about installing security cameras in your home, reading this blog will help you make a decision.

Surely you have faced the fear that one day you’ll return home and find that you have been robbed.

You think about everything you worked for, and what it took you to buy a lot of things.

Now those things have been taken from you in a matter of hours, you couldn’t do anything about it.

You weren’t there to defend what’s yours. The situation may even have happened to you before.

In either case, I’m sure you’ll be interested in how to prevent it or do justice.

Maybe it will help you to know how you can benefit from security cameras for home.

To know what the cure is, you first have to study the disease.

The first thing you need to know is How do they do it?

Most commonly used methods of home burglary

  • Mark:

    Some thieves take the time to watch their target, walking around the area.

    They take into account factors such as the transit of people, timetables, rest days.

    Once they identify frequent vulnerabilities, they mark the house.

    This mark varies according to the creativity of the thief, can range from a garment, to marking with paint.

    Usually in complicity with other people, they return to the marked house and carry out the robbery.

  • Easy access:

    When in your house there are more ways of easy access, apart from the main entrances.

    Such as moving stairs and irregular walls that support climbing.

  • Home-delivery services:

    Other times they choose to pass themselves off as delivery men or salesmen.
    There are two possibilities.
    One is that you let them in and they evaluate better the valuables.
    The second is more aggressive, because the robbery is carried out when there are people in the house: confrontation.

That said, the question remains:

Are Security Cameras for Home Right for You?

Security cameras for home

Think of the thief as a child.

Even if you think it’s a bad comparison because children have no evil, I’ll tell you how they are alike.

On some occasion you may have witnessed or given the order yourself to a child NOT TO TOUCH.

But if we add to the scene that the child feels very much like touching whatever has been forbidden.

Chances are that the child will identify a moment in which the person who gave the order is distracted to start approaching.

Once he’s close enough, the child does his job and does what’s forbidden.

But what if just before he does, the threatening look of the one who said DO NOT TOUCH turns on him?

The chances of him doing so are significantly reduced; the child doesn’t want to be seen doing bad things.

A thief works more or less like that, but clearly you can’t be watching your house 24 hours a day.

In this case the threatening look would be the installation of security cameras. The last thing a thief wants is to be recognized.

This would be the first method of prevention.

It is less likely that a thief will carry out a burglary if he notices that there are cameras.

But what happens if the thief decides to continue despite the installation of security cameras?

Technology has the answer, for example:

Security cameras for home
Security cameras for home
security cameras

It has a 4MP IP weatherproof tracking system.

One of its functions is the ability to connect it to an alarm. Other features are:

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    • Long distance viewing (25x 4.8-120mm optical zoom)

    • Motion sensor that allows automatic tracking.

    • Infrared night vision.

    • Resolution from 30FPS to 4MP HD (2560 x 1440)

    Among the security cameras for home, this one stands out for license plate recognition.

    • Long range zoom (8-32 mm).

    • Ability to recognize license plates in dark environments.

    • Camera sensor from 60 FPS to 1080p, which allows to store license plates of vehicles in fast movement.

    Weatherproof, perfect for outdoors.

    It will offer you:

    • A 180° field of vision if you install it on the wall and 360° if you install it on the ceiling.

    • Theft-proof design.

    • Built-in microphone and speaker.

    If you want to know more cameras that fit your needs, I recommend these security cameras click on the 5G View link and you’ll find the camera that best fits you.

    But if even with a security camera installation, the thieves decided to continue.

    The evidence would be left over, in order to make it available to the authorities and increase the possibilities of identification.

    Which means an incredible improvement to not knowing who? and how? things happened.

    But preventing burglaries is part of the benefits of security cameras for home.

    Additional Benefits

    • In-house monitoring, thanks to the technology of these cameras, you can know what is happening in real time.

      This includes members of your family that require special attention such as children.

    •  Control of unauthorized vehicles.

    • Another benefit that should also be mentioned is the financial savings.

    If you want more security, a security camera installation would be cheaper than hiring personnel.

    Now it’s up to you to decide if all the points I mentioned don’t represent better security for your home.

    If you are interested in more technology topics I share this link: The world is close to resembling I, Robot: 5G technology

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