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We are used to listening to computers and phones, but is your Smart TV vulnerable to hacking? Yes, that smart TV also has an operating system and connects to the Internet.

With all the “smart” devices that have an alert of cyber criminals, one might think that we are better living below a rock …

But leaving aside the exaggerations, this time I will guide you through the dangers and care that you must have. The first thing is to tell you that being only your smart TV, hacking could be limited to “small” problems.

For example, if I were a hacker, I would like to be able to access my neighbor’s Smart TV and lower the volume. Which I would also appreciate the neighbor next door, since I do not think you like the noise at dawn.

The point is that as I would like to do it, others with truly dark intentions, might want to do it to you. They could also change the channel you see, or disconnect it from the internet.

This kind of thing is what can happen if some smart guy happens to take advantage of your vulnerable Smart TV, and if you notice it, they are relatively small problems. Well, it depends on how you see it, because it’s not that it’s very funny either. But what is the real danger if someone manages to access your Smart TV?

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The dangers of your smart TV

Mine out cryptocurrencies:

Mina de criptomonedas
Smart TV vulnerable to hacking
TV inteligente

If you do not know much about cryptocurrencies, calm down, I will not complicate you with rocket-science explanations. Now the topic that interests us is your vulnerable Smart TV.

You have to know that mining cryptocurrencies is a very complex activity that requires a lot of resources.

Resources that devices such as computers, cell phones and your vulnerable Smart TV, of course you have. Here the problem is that a cracker could be using your TV to do this activity.

It’s as if a restaurant somehow infiltrated your electrical system to get free power. At the end of the month, you very quietly, open the electric consumption receipt and say “what the hell happened here?”.

Exactly that happens with the cryptocurrency mine. ESET researcher Tony Anscombe said in an interview: “We have seen Smart TV vulnerable to hacking infected with malware that cripples cryptocurrencies or that act in the background to analyze what you see on television.”

If your Smart TV becomes infected with this type of malware, the expense of resources can cause a serious failure in your systems. To give you an idea, we know of devices such as laptops or CPUs that have become deformed by the overheating caused by using this exaggerated amount of resources.

And your energy bill, on the other hand, would also be affected. If you think it is very unlikely that this can happen, you should look for how much a cryptocurrency miner can earn, then you will know what motivation is least needed.

Spying on family activities:

Smart TV vulnerable to hacking

In the event that your vulnerable Smart TV is in the room; family meeting place. And if it is in your room or in your children’s room, we should not even mention it.

And more so now that with How will 5G technology revolutionize online games?

Only the idea of ​​thinking that a stranger could access the camera or microphone to spy on you and your family, causes a mixture of fear and nervousness.

On one occasion Mark Zuckerberg published a photo in which the camera and microphone of his laptop were covered with tape. Would it be an exaggerated measure? good being him who is, maybe not. But maybe coming from us yes. Although we should consider that, after all we do not lose anything with doing it.

If nobody spies on you, it would not affect the operation of your Smart TV. But if someone wanted to do it, it would be a preventive measure


Use of personal accounts:

What do you see on your Smart TV? Netflix, maybe HBO NOW or HULU. I have to tell you that maybe you and your family are not the only ones to enjoy those accounts that you pay monthly.

Recommendation: If you want to hire a streaming service, you have to know which ones are the best!

The problem with Smart TVs is that their systems are simpler, so anyone with moderately relevant knowledge can hack you. This is where the phrase “living at the ribs of another” makes sense.

Because you are literally paying for another free enjoyment. Having said all this, should you dust off that analog TV that you keep in the garage? Not really.

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    Smart TV vulnerable to hacking, what can you do?

    Let’s be honest, it’s hard to go back when it comes to technology. The idea of ​​going back to the old TV with an abrupt and heavy look, makes us reconsider if what I told you before is really so bad.

    You do not have to worry; I will not advise you to throw away that smart TV in which you spent a good amount of money. But you should follow these tips

    • It is not necessary to have your Smart TV connected to WiFi all the time, that makes it vulnerable. Connect it to the Internet when you need it.

    • Do not install any programs from unofficial sources.

    • If any program asks you for accesses that are not necessary for its operation, do not accept them.

    • Check the performance of your Smart TV, if you find an abnormal performance, check it with the company where you bought it.

    • Pay attention to the unusual login notifications sent to you by your applications. Many times they are ignored and the truth is that these are security measures to protect us.

    The problem with people is that they are guided by the legendary philosophy of “that will never happen to me”. That is exactly the kind of things that make the work of cybercriminals easy.

    Think about the amount of people protecting your phone and your PC with antivirus, because they know that your information must be secured. But it never crosses our mind that anything under the “smart” concept is hackable. A Smart TV has an operating system and Internet connection the perfect conditions for unauthorized access.


    Many times we are alerted to threats that seem to make no sense, until they happen. In any case, the objective is not to generate social phobia for technological progress. Rather, it is using technology with common sense and always protecting our information.

    If you think we would be better off without the technologies, take a moment to think about the many advances that have helped humanity. For example, it is thanks to technology that people with limited movement due to loss of a limb can replace the missing limb.

    It is true that a Smart TV belongs to a different field than medicine. But they are changes that come in the package and that does not mean that everyone wants to hurt us. But it is important that we take measures against cyberattacks.

    Finally I say goodbye to recommend this post is very interesting, because you have already wondered what they do with our data? enter this link to know: The use of Big Data in the Internet of things

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