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We’ve already talked about how 5G technology will affect many things, but how will it revolutionize online games? Here’s what’s waiting for us.

When I was told about 5G, I didn’t know how to apply it to reality until I researched. But the subject of online games is perhaps the best known.

I realized how much things will change, including online games.

All video game lovers agree that they are in a constant search for a sense of realism.

And this is inevitable, when you play you want to disconnect from everyday life and enter another world.

But it’s not so easy when your reality surrounds you, you feel you need to disguise it a little, or a lot …

That’s why many gamers invest a good part of their money in buying items that allow them to have that desired sensation.

  • Chairs sensitive to the game actions that are activated to the rhythm of your character, glasses for virtual reality games.

  • Giant screens that increase the range of vision, controls designed to emit sounds and vibrations.

  • Headphones that boost the sound and optimize it so it looks like things are happening there, in your room.

These devices have remarkably realistic features, but they’re not enough.

But this will change! Yes, I say that because I know you’re tired of hearing about a future that never comes.

Online games

online games

As an intro I’m going to tell you some things you’ll like.

It will decrease between 1 and 2 milliseconds, meaning that you will feel your character move to the rhythm of your fingers.

Facing sudden death, it will no longer be a question of who has the fastest internet, but who reacts the fastest.

Everyone knows that online games are reflected in that bill that comes to you month by month.

But 5G will allow the devices to be more independent of energy sources; therefore less energy consumption.

If you ever heard that you couldn’t have it all, this might contradict:  you can play without spending!

To put us in context, think of the saturation generated at home.

Phones, computers, Smart TV. Each one being used for different things. The latest from Netflix, Skype calls, online games, social media, etc…

All this is being provided by a single internet connection, what’s the result? Right: saturation.

This may seem utopian to you, but it’s more real than you think, with 5G networks you can connect more devices, no problem.

If we analyze the promise of 5G, we’ll realize that these networks must (yes or yes), prepare for this. One of the standard-bearers of this technology is the so-called “internet of things”. Appliances, virtual assistants, clocks, etc. will be connected.

To think about that with the current 4G would be a headache. Therefore, we can be sure that 5G networks will be ready for all your devices, including online games.

Now you know that your games will work in an optimal context, only this seems like a remarkable improvement, but there is more.

To talk about revolution, you need big changes, this is what will happen with virtual reality applied to video games.

Virtual Reality Games

virtual reality games

When you read about virtual reality, it surely comes to mind that time you tried the glasses. Many people, more than a realistic experience, felt dizziness “if this is the future, I prefer the past,” you say.

But this will not be so, remember the latency? because that is the culprit of that dizziness. 5G will reduce the latency, as a consequence the dizziness, will no longer be a problem.

Now, try to remember your experience without the dizziness, isn’t it true that you felt in a parallel reality? Imagine feeling that with your favorite video game, exactly that is the future of games: virtual reality games.

The first to sign up to integrate the new technology to the games are Microsoft, Sony and NVIDIA.

If you want to know more about virtual reality I leave this link: How is going to be the future with the Virtual Reality 5G?

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    Play wherever and whenever you want

    Did you hear about PUBG’s mobile adaptation? In Latin America it has been a success.

    A video game that initially could only be played on a PC, was adapted to be also mobile friendly.

    Well, with some mobiles… I’ll explain.

    PUBG is a clear example that users want to play everywhere. Obviously the typical mobile games are not enough. That’s why putting PC game modes on the cell phone turned out to be a great idea for online games.

    However we came across a harsh reality, for many is not as simple as downloading the game and that’s it.

    On the basis that you have a suitable device to run the game, and if you don’t have one, you can see these options:

    Let’s concentrate on the fact that networks are not ready or at least optimized for these game functions.

    Games like PUBG or Fortnite have problems when it comes to connectivity (again our friend latency). This due to the amount of connected devices, what happens? there is more latency.

    What they commonly call “lag”, and you’ll tell me if in a game in battle royale mode, you don’t need to improve response time.

    Here’s one of the changes coming; with latency improved by 5G technology, these problems disappear.

    We’ll soon see more games that can be adapted to mobile, because 5G’s speed will make that possible.

    Although the wait doesn’t have to be unpleasant, I open a parenthesis to recommend you take a look around this blog to find out What is Phishing?… How to prevent it

    Continuing with the topic; apart from the videogames we currently have, other projects are being cooked up. For example Google with its video game streaming system: Project Stream, which has presented good results.

    Their graphics on a traditional screen are already surprising, imagine feeling that you are there with augmented reality.

    When will we be able to play with 5G technology?

    As I told you before, many talk about futures that never arrive, but in this case the situation changes.

    It’s estimated that in 2022, having a 5G device is as normal as having a smartphone today.

    Online games can be played on a large scale by that time too.

    As is logical to think, in some cities 5G networks will develop faster.

    For example in Sacramento, Houston and Los Angeles, are already part of 5G tests.

    If you think about it, 3 years to normalize a new technology is not much, especially taking into account everything involved.

    What is certain is that online games will change to improve the experience of those who play them.

    Virtual reality games are waiting for us!

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