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Big Data and the Internet of Things, also known as big data, massive data, large scale data or data intelligence. They refer to the data sets of great magnitude, variety and speed of growth that is difficult to capture and treat. Data that cannot be processed manually but through technologies.

Big Data and the Internet of things go hand in hand since their nature is unstructured. The great part of the data generated by all technologies, sensors, mobile devices, internet searches, social networks etc., gives them treatment.

Most of this data stored in Big Data and the Internet of things are larger than Petabytes. All the information is treated to be filtered, arranged by heading for the resolution of ideas.


Big Data and the Internet of Things has three main characteristics called the three V

  • Volume, that is, the quantity must process large volumes of unstructured data.

  • Velocity, is the rhythm with which you receive the data to be treated.

  • Variety is the diversity of all types of structured data or not, such as text, audio, video, any type of file.

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These are the three main ones of Big Data. However, over the years, another Vs appeared

  • Value. Because it has an intrinsic value that its usefulness is discovered along the way. That requires a thorough analysis.

  • Veracity. It is the degree of reliability of the acquired information.

  • Viability. It refers to the ability to generate effective use. Innovation, analysis and constant data monitoring.

  • Visualization. It is the visual representation of the data in an accessible, comfortable and readable manner.

In addition, Big Data and the Internet of Things also helps to eliminate problem areas. Since it looks for solutions before they are presented.

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    Big Data and Analysis

    analytics-chart, Big Data y el Internet de las Cosas

    analytics-chart, Big Data and the Internet of Things.

    What is the use of having a broad Big Data with good resources, but we will give you the real implementation? That is why you should start the proper analysis of all this data.

    The analysis refers to the process of examining, discovering hidden patterns and mostly filtering large amounts of data. These can give better advantages with greater competitiveness.

    In Big Data and the Internet of Things, a very specific analysis can be implemented. That can be done thanks to software such as predictive analysis and data mining.

    However, the objective of Big Data analysis is to help companies make the right decisions. The best decisions allow to exploit business intelligence and more effective marketing. Therefore, their income will be higher and there will be a minority of costs.

    Big Data and Internet of things in festivals like Coachella

    Coachella, Big Data

    The implementation of Cashless in music festivals has been the solution and the data storage service.

    During a Coachella festival, a Big Data laboratory was created. This served as a test bank, the main objective was to collect the largest amount of data. All this information would be treated for the exploitation of marketing. For festival products, this collection of data serves to improve the perspectives. The sustainability of the festival and the reduction of costs.

    They also installed heat sensors to determine the influx of users, depending on the concentration of heat. So determine the patterns of musical tastes or the trend variant of these. This sought to discover and understand the behavior of users to certain combinations of artists, also what kind of food or brands they prefer.

    The Big Data in festivals also seeks …

    A new objective is sought in Big Data and the Internet of things. It is that during the next festivals a real time analysis will be performed during the festival. Producing updates and recommendations live. It is hoped that this data collection will help improve the design, planning and sustainability of future festivals.

    The Big Data also helps the relationship and correlations between metrics. Raising certain questions such as: How many people visit each concert and the time they were there? What concerts were seen with the greatest influx? o How many people bought outside the festival? etc.

    The Internet of things is booming and this helps in the collection of data for Big Data. It helps the ease in the entrance of the assistants. Sensors added in bracelets that allow a scan for the deeper analysis of the behavior within the festival.

    It also helps a better quotation and improvement of products and services. Just as you can collect sales information in real time and classify which product is of greater demand and which is not.

    Big Data and your business

    Big Data has become one of the most used tools within companies. Where its greatest contribution is the increase in compatibility. But we can highlight 4 main contributions.

    Risk reduction, by making the best decisions, can determine more accurately predict risk factors.

    More effective evaluation What did not work is recycled or eliminated and exchanged for one that is useful. Thanks to a data collection you can determine which product does have a good foray into the market.

    Clients and more personalized actions. A logic derived from the Big Data analysis allows an adaptation to market needs. Thanks to a previous segmentation where the strategies and products are outlined to a certain segment of clients.

    Continuous improvement and communication in the company itself. The information flows at all levels of accessibility. Therefore, the processes are more agile, efficient and productive.

    The main objective of Big Data in companies is part of the management. Since the analysis of large amounts of data should be followed up on the interpretation. And the extraction to be able to adopt and implement commercial strategies.

    For example, in sectors such as medicine, Big Data has come to give a digital transformation and improvements in process controls. As the follow-up of patients according to their clinical pictures, such as treatment and prevention. Where, based on patterns and comparisons, many risks based on health have been prevented in advance.

    Another example is the case of Walmart

    Walmart that has been a pioneer in the use of Big Data and in the analysis tools where they implement Big Data and the Internet of things. They prepared to cope with Hurricane Katrina, even better than the New Orleans authorities. Since Walmart had taken a list of products that customers bought for such events. Therefore, it took less time to prepare and be attended to the situation. Big Data helps design how to offer the consumer, anticipate their requests and even induce them to buy certain products.

    This is how Big Data and the Internet of Things has been merging to optimize fundamental areas.

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