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When people think about vacations, it is normal to imagine a beautiful place on the shore of the beach, on top of a mountain or in a historic city. No matter what perfect vacation idea you have, there is a dangerous reality that lurks that season; you never think about holiday security. If reading this made you think that you have to keep that in mind, is because you check if the place is dangerous or the areas that you should avoid, you still do not think about the danger that you also find on the internet.

So now you know what kind of security I’m talking about. Usually people take care of the dangers in the everyday physical world, for example, you would not entrust the care of your baby to a person without good references. You would not visit a doctor without a title, nor would you visit a dangerous neighborhood. These precautions help you avoid or protect yourself from certain threats.

Throughout time you learned certain tricks of survival, some because they taught you and others you had to learn the bad way; because you had bad experiences. Today I want to teach you -the good way- the tricks that you have to learn to have security during vacations.

Secure shopping online

You go on vacation in a short time, you already have a place in mind, what is the first thing you do? Surely look for offers on the internet. It is what many people do, that’s why hackers activate their sensors especially during the holiday period.

Making safe purchases online is complicated when there are many online scammers, what alerts should you keep in mind?

Offers too good

In the context of holidays, you should keep in mind that everyone wants to go to some attractive place. The hotel sector knows it, restaurants know it, tourism in general, knows that many will pay whatever it takes to go on vacation. But between so much high price the economic offers will jump, and as you may know, they go like hot bread.

Many people who check these offers feel so pressured to purchase them because they fear that they will end. But they do not realize the scam alerts that may arise. Look at Airbnb for example, it is one of the most used platforms to stay comfortably without paying a lot, however the legitimate protocol of this platform is often violated and you do not even notice about it.

If you find an available place with the perfect location and price, the next thing is to contact a host to book with. In case of some scams, this protocol is followed up to this point, but once the victim makes contact with the alleged host, the latter requires payment in advance and sends a link, in that link it is requested to log in, and so on. It’s easy to steal credentials, not only on Airbnb, but also on any booking platform.

If you analyze this, the offer is on the official Airbnb platform, even the profile of the host can seem very good. But it results in a scam when:

holiday security
  • The reservation protocol of the site is changed

  • The host strangely sends a link

  • Even if the appearance of the link page looks legitimate, the URL does not match or has strange characters

  • The link asks you to enter your access

  • But above all, the offer is too good

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    Scam on Airbnb is easier now

    If you thought that scamming on Airbnb was something complicated because of the work that takes to fake sites, you can forget about that idea. Unless you’re thinking about dedicating yourself to making these types of scams; The next news is very bad.

    We know of a subscription tool, in which the creation of fake sites is automated. In simple words it is a tool that allows cyber criminals to create lists of false properties, fraud sites and advertisements, you can manage more than 500 accounts.

    So managing many simultaneous scams is easier now. Although the reports indicate that the tool is used on Airbnb, it is believed that other platforms will also be affected. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important that you review the sites you browse well

    Enter your EmailWays to attack your security during holiday

    secure shopping online

    Another thing that people look for a lot during holidays are cheap airline tickets. Situation that is not at all wasted by the cybercriminals. Cheap ticket offers are even easier to fake. Cybercriminals often search on real-price comparison platforms to come up with a credible offer.

    We can also add that the counterfeit sites are usually very similar to the sites of recognized airlines, so it is more difficult to detect that there is something wrong and to be able to carry out secure shopping online. Then you find a reasonable offer, in a seemingly authentic site and what happens? Take advantage and reservations, but the money you paid will not be used to buy any tickets …

    What should you keep in mind for your holiday safety when you look for a ticket?

    • Search tickets on official sites

    • If you send an email with the link of an “offer”, it is best that you go to the airline’s website and look for that offer there.

    • Call the airline to confirm that the offer in question is valid.

    Of all the types of scams during the holidays, this may be the dumbest or the smartest. Just think, who does not want to save money in high season? That’s why the ads where to participate in surveys give you free stays in hotels or give you airline tickets, they are used a lot.

    Under this circumstance common sense should throw a red alert. It is a clear scam, what will happen is that they will send you a link to answer some questions. At the end and to claim your prize you must provide your data, and if you did not notice from the beginning that this is a scam, the less you will notice that providing the data at this point, is what ends up completing the deception.

    There was a time when the scam was a boom for the same people, because one of the requirements to “win the prize” was to share it. Then you will tell me; If a mass group of people shares a contest, the victim’s capture range multiplies.

    It is not that there are no contests or real prizes, but it is very difficult for them to win so easy. Most are scams that can go from relatively less serious things like having you subscribe to a certain website to increase the rate of traffic, or can be as serious as they end up obtaining your personal data or your bank cards.

    The best thing in these cases, is that you do not trust that the site looks authentic, but call the airline directly from the phones that appear in their original sites and check if there is information of any contest, so you can make sure that any kind of prizes or secure shopping online.

    Although there is no money involved, protecting your accounts on travel or tourism platforms is another thing you should consider. Holiday security also compromises when your accounts are stolen, and I do not think you’ll find it funny.

    • Never access your accounts, through a link you received by mail

    • Whenever you have problems with one of your accounts, log in from the official site

    • Check the addresses of the sites

    • Activate the double security factor

    Additional tips to avoid scams

    • Secure passwords: Use strong passwords to prevent them from stealing your accounts. Avoid passwords in sequence, or use your name. Those types of passwords are the most common and therefore the most insecure.

    • Search for reviews: If you do not find any, it is best that you do not make any reservation or purchase.

    • Reasonable offers: Analyze if the offer is too good to be true.

    • Analyze the URL: I do not know if you have already noticed the fact that all scams of this type, they use social engineering as a weapon. We are talking about phishing techniques; another advice is to use security software as a reliable antivirus that alerts you to malicious sites.


    Plan holiday security

    It is very good to plan your vacation ahead of time, but also plan your holiday security. The dangers in the network are just as dangerous as those in the physical world. Keep these recommendations in mind. Try to make secure shopping online, or bookings in authentic and recognized sites, with good references.

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