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Although I, Robot has a catastrophic approach to technological advances, in the end it’s the same technology that contributes to saving humanity.

When Sonny, a more advanced robot, helps save humanity, without downplaying the cunning of detective Spooner and Calvin.

But if we remove from the scene the revelation of the robots, the day to day living with such advanced technology, wouldn’t be so bad.

If I told you that the 5G Internet will be 10 times faster, and that the devices you currently use will take care of your health, maybe your perspective will change.

New technologies may develop with the arrival of the 5G Network.

How do we know what awaits us? How would technology products change our lives with 5G technology?

5 Products that will improve the 5G Network

5G with automobiles

5G TechnologyTechnology 5G

Remember when Spooner gets in his car and activates manual driving? When Calvin sees it, he gets alarmed.

Technology has advanced so far that manual processes are rare.

Well, we may be on our way to that destination.

Autonomous cars are, in fact, a reality, taxi companies are currently testing.

Yet they are still haunted by the shadow of the accident in Arizona, where an unmanned Uber car ran over a woman walking outside the crosswalk.

Response time is directly linked to the time a device receives information from its surroundings.

This is one of the features that brings the fifth-generation network, the data is received in real time.

The arrival of 5G will optimize the operation of these cars and other intelligent devices that we’ll talk about later.

The speed of this network will allow data to be collected, it will make it possible for cars to make quick decisions at crucial moments to avoid accidents and give more confidence to users.

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    Smart Cities

    virtual reality
    smart cities
    5G technology

    Although this is not a specific product, a number of them should be grouped together in two words: intelligent cities.

    The similarity between reality and fiction is even more evident when we speak of cities: what are smart cities?

    Do you remember the city where Spooner lives? Almost all the operation is left in the hands of robots.

    And this, although the detective may dislike it, has meant a reduction in traffic accidents for humans, for example.

    With the fourth-generation technology we have today, there are things that would be unthinkable.

    Just look at the saturation of the network and the speed of navigation that occurs when all the devices are connected.

    The fifth generation will provide the ideal conditions to go further.

    In the previous point we talked about autonomous cars, that idea alone seems incredible.

    Now imagine things like parking, guided traffic with artificial intelligence, real-time data collection that will be very useful in terms of security.

    Surgeons will be able to perform more precise interventions and more complex operations.

    Just like Dr. Alfred Lanning did with Detective Spooner.

    The phrase “The internet of things” never made more sense, technology at the service of the city, streamlining processes.

    Foldable cell phones

    5G technology

    With the capacity you already have in smartphones, you’d think you couldn’t get better.

    But the race to make more functional phones has led brands to merge devices like cell phones and tablets.

    Foldable phones seem to be the new bet.

    Although prototypes had already been presented and weren’t accepted by the public, this time there is talk of improving the design to make it more user-friendly.

    However, this is not the only thing that brands bet on.

    Having the practicality of a mobile phone with the advanced features of the electronic tablet is already attractive.

    But to this must be added the innovations that will bring the 5G network, talking about appliances, cars, shopping, etc..

    As a direct consequence our mobile won’t only be able to make bank transactions or reservations as it does today.

    Otherwise it will become more important when managing processes such as the whole functioning of a house.

    Some companies that have already signed up to launch 5G cell phones are Samsung, Huawei, LG, Lenovo.

    Operators are also preparing for this network, such is the case of Verizon, which has already launched its 5G broadband.

    I leave you this link to know: How will 5G technology revolutionize online games?

    8k TVs

    5G technology
    5G Technology
    virtual reality

    There is still talk of developing 4k TVs, you may think it is hasty that the companies are already making a superior technology.

    In fact, only a small percentage of the population has access to 4k technology.

    And if we talk about content, there is no 8k content either, but the solution to this is given by the technology itself.

    8k TVs can adapt content with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Among the main qualities that these TVs will have will obviously be their resolution, color and the realism that they project.

    Some brands that have already launched prototypes of 8k screens are Samsung, LG, Sony, TLC.

    However, even if the IA can adapt content.  The entertainment industry will also have to innovate otherwise they will be consumed by new, better adapted content.

    Virtual Reality

    virtual reality. 5G technology

    Would you like to go to absolutely every game of your favorite team?

    Have you ever seen a place on the internet that you liked, but when you arrived it didn’t exceed your expectations? Would you like video games to be more realistic?

    Surely the answer to everything is a YES. Virtual reality came to stay and improve your experience.

    How would you like to watch a football match and thanks to virtual reality, it seems that you are in the same stadium?

    The reality that you would see would be to be next to people celebrating triumphs or regretting defeats, however, the feeling would be incredible.

    Telefónica, for example, carried out the transmission of a FC Barcelona training session, with the help of 5G technology.

    This would be the beginning of what in the near future will be a daily action in this sector.

    Or maybe you want to visit a place or a hotel, but you’re not sure if it’s a really attractive place.

    With this technology you will be able to walk around the places you want to know and have a better perspective of how they really are and be able to decide if it is worth going.

    Video games are also part of this innovation, although efforts are currently being made to improve realism.

    Such is the case of special chairs that move in coordination with the actions carried out on a screen.

    The truth is that none of this compares to the virtual reality that awaits us.

    It will be possible to feel that it’s you and not a character that’s playing, so people will get the realistic experience they were looking for.

    While some of these things are already possible, the new network will optimize more functions, improving aesthetics and making it look more and more real.

    But not only football, tourism and video games will participate in this innovation, other things will be added.

    For example, buy an item:

    Maybe a painting that you want to hang in your living room:

    The stores will offer you to try the object, providing a virtual sample with which you will be able to know how it’ll look in the room.

    All thanks to virtual reality.

    In this sense, stores should also improve the shopping experience.

    We have mentioned only 5 devices that will change our lifestyle.


    With the 5G Network there are more things that will make our lives more like a science fiction movie.

    Without the drama of the revelation of machines, it’s worth emphasizing.

    For example, virtual assistants.

    Siri, Cortana, Alexa, are just a few devices that already work in some homes.

    They are capable of performing actions such as buying, controlling appliances, making suggestions, even scheduling appointments only with voice commands.

    It’s not difficult to imagine what the new technology will do with these assistants; a range of possibilities will open before our eyes.

    Technological advances will find fertile ground with the arrival of 5G technology.

    Virtual reality and artificial intelligence ensure the way into the future.

    Reality has surpassed fiction, 5G technology is already a fact.

    Now you will surely see with other eyes the movies in which you saw scenes where technology seemed an illusion.

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