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What is Phishing? It’s an IT abuse model. That means to get information by stealing it from legitimate users.

Phishing is defined by to acquire confidential information in a fraudulent way. This can be users, accounts, credit card information by bad practices and computer antivirus from low-performance computers.

Also this cybercriminal is called Phisher. He pretends to be another person or company usually from good reputation. What this person does is send official communication from reliable accounts that has been stolen. They usually do this via email, instant messages, social networks, even from SMS/MMS and phone calls.

The term phishing, comes out in the 90s, called that due to password fishing. Phishing started on AOL (American On Line, an internet and media company) where Phisher acted as an employee from AOL and sent instant messages to a potential victim. Here is when AOL starts an awareness campaign about online security to fight against cyber-attacks.

What is phishing today? It is an identity fraud scam that leads the victim to fraudulent websites. Those request users and passwords and credit card numbers, where phishers have targeted banks clients and online payment services.

Also they target websites with corporate purposes as social networks.

Phishing and Facebook

antivirus de computadora

Be careful with this types of frauds that are spread around Facebook, which steal identities with vicious purposes. The engineer Reza Moaiandin affirm to discover an error on Facebook. This error can cause a big problem with Phishing.

An attack to this social network could leave vulnerable to everyone and each user of it. Cybercriminals can decrypt and find Facebook identities, bringing consequences along with access to personal information, including names, phone numbers, location and photos. That’s why is important a computer antivirus can protect all of this information

Attackers make use of address bar from browsers for Smartphones, where they create scam addresses that can look legitimate, that can reproduce the social network design. That way the victims enter to the fraud site, entering their Facebook information. Those are stored on attacker’s servers.

Recommendations against Phishing on Facebook

ecommendations against Phishing on Facebook

Never replay requests of personal information on Facebook, enter to Facebook from its address by typing it or from the mobile app. Also you can enter a safe URL which starts with https://. Don’t click links on which they request your personal data or Facebook information.

Inform yourself correctly of any suspicious message. Check fraud signals like grammar mistakes.

Make sure your computer antivirus has phishing-attack protection.

And is also important to keep your computer with a good antivirus, because there are so many types of virus like ransomware and this one has 9 variations.

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    Most common types of phishing

    It is known as clone, hacker pretends to be someone known, where user receives an email with a link inside of it leading to a malicious website. This can be a cloned website where the URL is the same as the legitimate website

    This happens by email, on which a malware is added as an attachment. This file redirects you to a website where it takes advantage over the vulnerabilities of the device.

    Is a targeted attack. This is meant to a specific person with specific profile inside a Company.

    This is not via email, but by message. The hacker pretends to be a trusted Company which offers to participate in a raffle or providing service or support, where they request to enter victim’s data to claim this service or prize.

    This implies the use of the phone, the hacker pretends to be a call center agent, some provider, even a bank executive. Their main objective is to gather personal information.

    The hacker manipulates host files from a Company. URL requests returns a fake address and communications go to fake websites.

    This is done by positioning a fake page over the original. Then the victim enters on this search result on the browser by mistake, believing that is a page from the real site, entering all kind of information.

    Consists of taking CEO credential of any person with a high Rank inside a Company. Then requests any confidential data or any transaction or payment.

    The best weapon against the user

    This is a bad practice and it should worry us and also we don’t have to take it lightly. This is an issue that can be eradicated by educating the user. Make them know about how dangerous can be to be exposed to these attacks. Also, the good education about how to fight against phishing, it’s very important to have an excellent computer antivirus.

    What is phishing? Well, is the most common digital scam. Since it is still in place, Google posted a test about phishing. On this test, users can assess their capabilities to recognize malicious emails so they can prevent any information theft.

    How to recognize Phishing emails?

    All of us are exposed to attacks of this kind. That’s why is very important to educate ourselves and learn about this type of emails, because usually they tend to be like this:

    The providers of the respective services do not send targeted messages, without of any type of customization. Never assume that links, phone numbers and addresses are real. Always check the link in an independent way to see the real link. Never trust in non-requested emails or links inside the message body. Not even they come from Companies or Friends.

    If you are interested in the subject of security I recommend this link: How important are security cameras for home?

    One more recommendation


    antivirus de computadora

    That’s why I recommend you to check RED5G privacy, so you can know more about this security software. A computer antivirus that will help you to prevent any phishing attack, because it’s main concern is to protect your personal information. It will provide you the most wanted protection against piracy. Also it will protect your data, and it will help you to schedule a clean-up in case that you have forgotten to do a protection analysis. May the best computer antivirus be with you.

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